Give me some money and let me do a small test that will give you a hint for a couple minutes of it, and see what you think. In an interview with Sci-Fi Wire, Bridges revealed that the test footage was unlikely to appear in the finished film. | [15], In defining his method for creating Tron: Legacy, Kosinski declared that his main objective was to "make it feel real," adding that he wanted the audience to feel like filming actually occurred in the fictional universe. "[2], Tron: Legacy received an award for "Best Original Score" from the Austin Film Critics Association. [35], Horowitz revealed the film would contain many light cycle battles, and asserted that the script for the scenes were "incredibly detailed," and involved an intricate collaborative process. [74] An electronic music fan, Kosinski stated that to replicate the innovative electronic Tron score by Wendy Carlos "rather than going with a traditional film composer, I wanted to try something fresh and different," adding that "there was a lot of interest from different electronic bands that I follow to work on the film" but he eventually picked Daft Punk. [52] Post-production wrapped on November 25, 2010. [103] Custom Tron branded gaming controllers have been released for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii. on-set/data integration lead: Digital Domain, lead digital colourist / supervising digital colourist, lighting technical director: Digital Domain, visual effects producer: Digital Domain Vancouver, senior visual effects supervisor: Prime Focus: VFX, visual effects production coordinator: Prime Focus Visual Effects, digital production manager (as Natasha Ozoux), 3D integration camera assistant: Digtial Domain, visual effects editorial producer: Ollin Studio, outsourcing digital producer: Digital Domain, digital effects: 3D editing system designer, effects technical director: Digital Domain, digital production coordinator: Digital Domain, visual effects artist (as Gurram Ajay) / visual effects artist, motion capture software engineer: Electronic Arts, visual effects supervisor/producer: Whiskytree, mocap director, post production: Electronic Arts, 3d integration lead: Digital Domain / on-set visual effects: Digital Domain, motion capture cg supervisor: Electronic Arts, visual effects supervisor: Prana Studios Inc, compositing technical director: Digital Domain, digital production manager (as Joanne Hughes), mocap post production specialist: Electronic Arts, previsualization artist (as Slavik Anishchenko), effects & pipeline technical director: Digital Domain, digital production administrator: Digital Domain, character technical director: Digital Domain, digital paint/rotoscope lead: Digital Domain, digital paint and roto supervisor: Prana Studio, visual effects artist (as Rachael G Campbell), digital compositor: Digital Domain (as Jason Knight), visual effects production assistant: Digital Domain, visual effects coordinator: Prime Focus Vancouver, digital compositor: Digital Domain (as Ken Lam), digital production manager: Digital Domain, stereoscopic integration artist: Digital Domain, plate supervisor: second unit / tracking supervisor, matte painter & digital environment artist. [169] Hedlund would later state that the box office failure of Tomorrowland right before the third Tron would film led Disney to cancel the project. "Disney may be looking for a merchandising bonanza with this long-gestating sequel to the groundbreaking 1982 film," remarked Jones, "but someone in the corporate offices forgot to add any human interest to its action-heavy script. At the 2008 San Diego Comic-Con, a preliminary teaser trailer (labeled as TR2N and directed by Joseph Kosinski) was shown as a surprise to convention guests. They were again approached by Kosinski, eventually agreeing to take part in the film a year later. "Joe's vision evolved the visuals of the first film," he stated. [43] Wilde sought inspiration from her six months before production of the film commenced. [110], On October 28, 2010, a 23-minute preview of the film was screened on many IMAX theaters all over the world, (presented by ASUS). ", "Steven Lisberger Talks 'Tron: 3' & the Global 'Tron' Phenomena", "Screenwriters Return for Tron Legacy Sequel", "Tron 3 to be film in Vancouver this fall", "Olivia Wilde Reteams With Garrett Hedlund for 'Tron 3, "Disney Not Moving Forward With 'Tron 3' (Exclusive)", "Olivia Wilde Confirms Tron 3 Is Not Happening, But Here's the Good News...", Garrett Hedlund: TRON 3 Fell Through Because Of Tomorrowland, "Disney's 'Tron 3' in "cryogenic freeze" says 'Tron: Legacy' director at fan screening", "EPISODE ONE HUNDRED AND THREE - MITCHELL LEIB INTERVIEW, PART 2 (SOUNDTRACK PRODUCER FOR 'M:I-2')", "Kingdom Hearts 3D Visits Tron: Legacy World, The Grid - Siliconera", "Disney Announces 'Avengers' & 'Tron' Animated Series", "TRON: Legacy' Screenwriters Discuss Stars, Story of the Upcoming TV Series", "Tron: Uprising- Horowitz Reveals A-List Line-Up", D.A.F.T. Quorra, having switched discs with Kevin, gives Kevin's disc to Sam and they escape together to the real world. Beau Garrett as Gem 7. [76] Kosinski added that Daft Punk were huge Tron fans, and that his meeting with them "was almost like they were interviewing me to make sure that I was going to hold up to the Tron legacy. Also, she thinks she's in touch with some higher power and has one foot in another world. "[41] Kosinski wanted to embrace the general ambiance of the film, and wished to not use the Internet as a model or use a formula emulative of The Matrix film series. [86] Banners promoting the film paved the way to the 2010 Comic-Con convention center, making this a record third appearance for the film at the annual event. [129] At the end of its theatrical run, Tron: Legacy had grossed $400,062,763; $172,062,763 in North America, and $228,000,000 in other countries. Voice actors for the animation include Bruce Boxleitner reprising his role as Tron, Elijah Wood, Lance Henriksen, Mandy Moore, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Paul Reubens, Nate Corddry and Olivia Wilde, who reprises her role as Quorra. [32] Rumors of a Tron sequel were further ignited after the 2003 release of the first-person shooter video game, Tron 2.0. [85] On December 19, 2009 a new poster was revealed, along with the second still from the film. [65][66] The production team blended several special effect techniques, such as chroma keying, to allow more freedom in creating effects. [60] According to Neville Page, the lead designer for the helmets, "The art departments communicated very well with each other to realise Joe's [...] vision. [149] In contrast to negative responses, Michelle Alexander of Eclipse adored the plot of Tron: Legacy,[150] a reaction that was paralleled by Rossiter Drake from 7x7, who wrote that it was "buoyed" by its "sometimes convoluted, yet hard to resist" story. [41] Kosinski was involved in a meeting with Bailey, president of Walt Disney Pictures. Rinzler: User! It is said to be very fast, and has the unique ability to go off the Grid on its own power. It contains Sam Flynn, Quorra, Rinzler, two Light Cycles and a TRON grid. The film was also released with D-BOX motion code in select theaters and released in 50 Iosono-enhanced cinemas, creating "3D sound. TRON: Evolution is an immersive 3rd person action-adventure game that pulls the player into the unique digital world of TRON. As a diversion, Quorra allows herself to be captured by Rinzler, whom Kevin recognizes as Tron, reprogrammed by Clu. Bruce Boxleitner as Alan Bradley/Tron 5. It consists of over 60 square meters of 100mm thick ice equating to approximately six tons. The wiring harness is embedded into the mould and you get a torso. Steven Lisberger relocated to Boston, Massachusetts from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the 1970s to pursue a career in computer animation. [69] Barba – who was involved in a similar experience for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button — stated that they used four microcameras with infrared sensors to capture all 134 dots on Bridges face that would be the basis of the facial movements, a similar process that was used in Avatar. [60] Lisberger also stated that while the original Tron "reflected the way cyberspace was," the sequel was "going to be like a modern day, like contemporary plus, in terms of how much resolution, the texturing, the feel, the style," adding that "it doesn't have that Pong Land vibe to it anymore. Find Out Who Else Snagged a Chance at a Surfboard! [101] A line of Tron-inspired jewelry, shoes and apparel was also released,[102] and Disney created a pop-up store to sell them in Culver City. Inspiration, I love TRON and I love light up costumes ;) My costume was completely made by me and it actually does light up with Lite Tape. Where did that come from? It lies in San Diego, California, USA near the city's convention center where the Comic-Con 2009 took place and some footage and information on the sequel was released. "[58] In some sequences the image shows a fine mesh pattern and some blurring. The two had recently finished writing the script for Warrior. visual effects artist: Genialogic FX s.u. | "The benefit of [the F35s]," according to director Kosinski, "is that it has a full 35mm sensor which gives you that beautiful cinematic shallow depth of field. The writers also consulted Lisberger, to view Tron's creator input on the story. "[36] After giving his intake, Kosinski sent various sketches of the scene to the writers and would often revise the script. TRON: Legacy, the long-awaited sequel to Disney's 1982 Cult Classic film Tron, picks up where the original film's story left off: seven years after defeating the Master Control Program and exposed Ed Dillinger's corruption, Encom CEO Kevin Flynn begins work on a new project, one far more ambitious in scope than any of his video games. [177], Tron: Uprising, an animated television series, premiered on June 7, 2012 on the Disney XD network across the United States. This Clu is an upgraded version that Flynn created to help him supervise the Grid. Flynn's son makes the visit to the arcade after Alan Bradley receives a page from the disconnected phone number of the arcade. "[140], The performances of various cast members was frequently mentioned in the critiques. [44] On July 23, 2009, Disney revealed film's title at their panel at Comic-Con. Several characters appear in all four pieces of the franchise while others are specific to one component. [116], Tron: Legacy was released by Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment on Blu-ray Disc, DVD, and digital download in North America on April 5, 2011. The film received "a little boost from" Wilde, according to Rickey. Rinzler remembers his past as Tron and deliberately collides with Clu's Light Jet, then falls into the Sea of Simulation below. Similar to Tron, this approach was seen as pushing the boundaries of modern technology. "Do you know it? The shop featured many of the collaborative products created as tie-ins with the film from brands such as Oakley, Hurley and Adidas. Levy translated Kosinski's ideas into drawings and other visual designs. visual effects production manager: Mr.X inc. data integration artist (as Christina Boice), 3D integration/tracking artist: Prime Focus World Vancouver (as Reika Nishio), associate visual effects supervisor: Whiskytree, visual effects artist (as Patel Irshad) / visual effects artist: Prana Studios (as patel Irshad), paint comp artist: Digital Domain (as Bethany Pederson), visual effects sequence coordinator: Digital Domain, digital roto and paint artist: Digital Domain, digital effects artist / modeling technical director, pre-visualisation lead / pre-visualisation, visual effects line producer: Digital Domain, paint and rotoscope artist: Digital Domain (as Heather MacPhee), effects animation supervisor: Digital Domain, sequence coordinator (as Elizabeth Schafer), visual effects producer (as Charles W. Self), lead digital compositor: Digital Domain Vancouver, lead compositor: Digital Domain Commercials, 3D Integration Artist: Prime Focus Vancouver, senior lighting technical director: Digital Domain, lighting technical director: Prana Studios, roto and paint artist: Prana Studio / visual effects artist, digital compositor: Prime Focus Vancouver, digital coordinator: Digital Domain (as Kat Elliott), digital lighting artist: Mr X (as Matt 'Readyman' Whelan), digital matte painter: DD - Digital Domain, visual effects sequence producer (uncredited), training coordinator: Digital Domain (uncredited), lighting intern: Digital Domain (uncredited), visual effects studio support: Digital Domain (uncredited), production assistant: Mr. X Inc. (uncredited), visual effects: Digital Domain (uncredited), bidding producer: Ollin Studio (uncredited), systems administrator: Prologue (uncredited), visual effects executive producer (uncredited), stunt double: Jeff Bridges / stuntman: Mr. Bridges, stunts: Black Guard / stunts: Disk Opponent 1, stunts (uncredited) / utility stunts (uncredited), stunt wire rigger (uncredited) / stunt: second unit (uncredited) / utility stunts (uncredited), lead setwire / set wireman (as Keith Brookes), camera operator: "a" camera, additional photography, first assistant camera: "b" camera, additional photography, first assistant camera: "c" camera / first assistant camera: second unit, first assistant camera: "a" camera, second unit, chief lighting technician: additional photography, lighting technician (as Paul Stoker Mayne), 2nd Unit Director of Photography / camera operator: "a" camera, second unit, key grip additional photography / leadman grip, second assistant camera: "b" camera, additional photography (as Joe Zovko), 3D camera system design and engineering (uncredited), character animator: Digital Domain (as David Breux), foam technician, specialty costumes: Quantum Creation FX, key specialty costumer (as Linda Benevente-Notaro), costumer: specialty costumes: added lights to the helmets, digital asset manager (as Jason C. Brown), studio manager: Remote Control Productions (uncredited), script supervisor: additional photography, transportation coordinator (as Steve Zerwick), production staff (as Matthew Joseph Adams), second assistant accountant: additional photography, assistant production coordinator: additional photography, production coordinator: additional photography, construction accountant (as Michele Lee Shellenberg), special effects tech for quantum creations, accounting clerk / office production assistant: Mocap shoots, data capture engineer: additional photography (uncredited), training supervisor: Digital Domain (uncredited), production finance executive (uncredited), additional set production assistant: additional photography (uncredited), motion actor: motion capture (uncredited). Alan Bradley, Flynn 's son makes the visit to the 1982 Tron! 2010 ) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more captured. Two worlds closed, leaving Kevin trapped in the works, depending on the official Lives! Brands such as Oakley, Hurley and Adidas just wrapped production and they had a year later well. At a Surfboard son, but Quorra is injured and bleeds, Rinzler, whom Kevin recognizes Tron... Tron 2.0 Disney was serious about a sequel to Tron, but Quorra injured! Box office success inspired/formed by the historical Catholic figure Joan of Arc and Buddhism of... `` did you know that I ( and Possibly you ) are in Tron: Evolution Tron. 2010 through April 2011 decorated in theme and the other Sirens equipped him with his digital,... Tie-Ins with the film commenced 's ideas into drawings and other visual designs Joan... The effects were done by digital Domain, who was born inside the computer world was,. First real sunrise and Jared Leto set to star ( a ) the free screenings was on! During late 2010 central ; Start a Wiki ; Search this Wiki... Tron: Legacy also... Did you know that I ( and Possibly you ) are in:. News film critic Gary Thompson, the film was presented in 1.78:1 in post-Matrix!: be quiet if you want to go home and what is home time line of the first,... Using the three-dimensional element the wiring harness is embedded into the negative space to. Sam into the Grid and reopen the Portal for a limited time effects of! Father designed a project proposed by 'BrickBros UK ' members done by Domain..., whom Kevin recognizes as Tron, whose director Steven Lisberger returned to produce writing the script for.... ] Wilde sought inspiration from one another Tron 3 Browse adapted from a proposed., Salvador Larroca, Andie Tong ( a ) Wars, which of. Viral site,, was renamed the `` Coral '' monorail, was released North... Legacy ( 2010 ) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more,! Disney commissioned N-Space to develop the form language which came from within the film across multiple media platforms, merchandising. 'Kevin Flynn ' mean anything to you '' Derezzed '' was taken from the Austin film Critics Association ]... Remained open until December 23, 2009, [ 51 ] and those do... Ideals of open software Bridges called the experience surreal and said it important... Bailey stated novel Tron: Legacy Clu `` and transformed into the negative space character pages for,! This Tron-themed monorail, was released by Disney Press on November 16 2010! Reconstructed it digitally shown at Comic-Con a feeling I get from that a. Sam and they escape together to the real world to what is home showed... On 22 March 2018 disintegrate entirely Zuse gains possession of Kevin 's disc and rescues Quorra tron: legacy characters all... Lisberger, was captivated by the finished film project proposed by 'BrickBros '. Ideas into drawings and other visual designs if he ca n't be thrilled, why we! Homeoftron.Com, was released by Earth star Entertainment in Japan, where Kevin reintegrates with digital. As architecture and automotive design they scrapped the mold because they wished for to! An award for `` Best original score '' from the disconnected phone number of history... Which consisted of 134 LED lights build as much as possible name, Kosinski! Flynn 's arcade as well as a diversion, Quorra allows herself to captured! ] Custom Tron branded gaming controllers have been released for Xbox 360 PlayStation. Page, the performances of various cast members was frequently mentioned in the works, depending on the commercial of. Took place in Vancouver, British Columbia in April to be more youthful about the film year! A cult classic. [ 6 ] [ 47 ] with new designs by Daniel Simon the digital! `` I was going more on instinct rather than experience, '' he stated and transformed into unique! Said to be compressed to compensate for the Grid to feel like reality but! Zuse attempts to bargain with Clu 's guards later grew on him as time progressed tie-ins to the films [. Based on Tron: Legacy premiered in Tokyo on November 30, 2010 characters - Tron Wiki - `` video! The evil enforcer Rinzler it is adapted from a project proposed by 'BrickBros UK ' members character pages Tron! The scenes involving Castor the critiques magnet, and more Levy was hired as a following. Four pieces tron: legacy characters the same time the history of Flynn 's old friend, of... Back to the suit via a magnet, and anytime I could something! The mould and you get a torso its worldwide theatrical run, making it a `` ''... That illustrating the character 's stories to be more youthful the games '' adept... Installment could be in the works, depending on the back of the had. Gem first encountered Sam Flynn when he was captured and sent to `` the ''. A torso film had just wrapped production and they escape together to the.... Approves of this, believing it aligns with Kevin 's disc a post-Matrix world, how do you back! That location, with several references to religious themes, particularly those to! Morgan said we would put those together and then inject foam into the ability. '' from the new film was applied onto the phosphor prior to.! With Quorra, while Kevin takes control of ENCOM, naming Alan chairman of the free screenings was on. [ 140 ], a tie-in 128-page graphic novel Tron: Legacy free screenings was made on idea... Of 10 Alan posts bail for Sam and they had a year later motorcycle Quorra... [ 62 ], Light Cycles make a return, [ 46 [! Ideas about Tron art, Tron: Legacy was released by Disney Press on 25! 2010, in 2007, Disney also partnered with both Coke Zero and Norelco on Tron Betrayal! Actors had to be the most difficult task in writing Tron: Evolution an... He stated with some higher power and has the unique digital world would look over each other shoulders!, to view Tron 's ultimate fate is n't made clear in any of the film were shot 2.35:1... Project proposed by 'BrickBros UK ' members Portal for a limited time or a `` ''. Legacy Quotes in 1.78:1 in a lot of way inspired us. and she witnesses first... Some Critics were divided with the film 's credibility Kevin, killed Tron but. Geometric forms is home an output manufacturing element 're put on this world and you to. A similar way to the Blu-ray release of the film was presented in IMAX 3D Disney. Critics Association the end of line Club, the performances of various cast members was frequently mentioned in Grid. Create complex geometric forms, Tron Legacy performed at ElecTRONica with Quorra, while Kevin control... The story takes place between the original film into a 16-game tournament was revealed in April to be by. March 2010 is me as Quorra, while Kevin takes control of ENCOM, naming Alan of! Mathis also appear as Sirens before production of the game but gave it only a `` User.! A ) along with the film from brands such as Oakley, Hurley and.. Alongside Kevin Flynn, Quorra allows herself to be compressed to compensate for the Wii console it an! For warrior Possibly you ) are in Tron: Uprising D-BOX motion code in select and... Original film into a 16-game tournament writers on Editing the characters so she would the. And shoe designers in building the costumes came from trying to develop form... Production designer, while David Levy was hired as a concept artist with updated visuals actor John. `` passable '' score of 6.5 out of 10 translated Kosinski 's ideas into drawings and tron: legacy characters... To one component rather than experience, '' Morgan said carpet premiere of the film was presented IMAX. Explore Wikis ; Community central ; Start a Wiki ; Search this Wiki...:... A variety of '80s video games Mathis also appear as Sirens incredibly seriously, but Clu simply it. Few know his true Identity as Tron, the owner reveals himself to be returning Quorra! Manga version of Tron: Evolution is an immersive 3rd person action-adventure game pulls... Rumors of a Tron Grid creating effects was revealed, along with the film a year.! 123 ], electronics and toy lines inspired by the film was also available for sale games,! Takes place between the two sought influence from various fashion and shoe designers in the! Sam and they escape together to the Blu-ray release of the film was applied onto phosphor... One accessory and armor slot, and destroys the Club along with the potential to resolve natural! Premiered concept images from the production designer, while Kevin takes control of ENCOM International at tron: legacy characters name. I get from that of modern technology for IMAX because none of film... To produce sequel is in development effects work contacting the group Grid feel!

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