The main vocalist of Shinhwa, he debuted as a solo artist in 2005 and has since released multiple albums in both Korean and Japanese. There are many wonderful actors and actresses... Shin Hye-Sun is at the top of any list! She is so natural and she immersed in her role. You are the best, keep it up and congratulations as because of you we watch Korean dramas. Ilove you and I will keep rooting for you! damnnn gurl was super lucky getting kiss by kang dong won in a movie. cheoljung Dec 23 2020 7:40 am ??? keep up the good work. Haha (ynkent, btw). I watched still 17 and I really love her acting!!!! Shin Hye Sun - I first saw you in Secret Forest or Stranger, as it was called on Netflix in Canada. if(typeof(W4GRB)=="undefined") Shin said she is confident the drama will provide a lot of fun and excitement for viewers. The scenes are in Seoul and also in famous beautiful places in Viet Nam. Fundi Feb 26 2018 10:26 am I'm planning to watch each of your dramas this quarantine cause I could not get over on how good and excellent of an actress you are. I love her in My Golden Life and love her character as Seo Ji Ahn. You are perfect for that role. I'll wait for Queen Cheorin. I hope she’s getting a lot more recognition. Her performances have always been so different and amazing! LoneGunMan Oct 09 2017 6:34 pm Tinna o^o Dec 21 2017 9:17 am Nowela Mae Alejo Nov 25 2020 4:19 am Sarah Mar 18 2016 11:47 am shes so gorgeous and a great actress! your acting is so daeeeeeeeeebak in mr queen!! Her acting is so natural! tvN’s weekend drama “Mr. chukkaaeeee ❤❤. top excellent award while 2 years ago did not have anything, you really deserve it, one of the most talented Korean actresses I've seen. Only if COVID-19 were over if you ask me because I miss eating out at Korean restaurants. Am left in awe of her acting so with the rest of the cast, Hirraify Jul 02 2020 2:59 pm Tags: Bae Jong-ok, Kim Jung-hyun, Kim Tae-woo, Mr. Queen, Shin Hye-sun tncdel Jul 29 2017 12:43 am suzy Jul 07 2019 10:15 pm Ann Aug 10 2017 9:45 am one of my favorite her acting from Five is Enough and My Golden Life is superb. sun4fingerisbae Jun 05 2016 8:20 am her acting is excellent she reminds Gong hyo jin, she is even better than her. She is sucha stunner! Every performance she has given has been incredible! I hope to see you in many more dramas! Love and strongs. your image is so different!! Such a good actress. W4GRB.user_rating=new Array(); K-Pop Granthshala Editor-December 26, 2020 0. The scene of episode 16 of Forever Young, at 21:48, you cried and smiled at the same time while you pretended to fight with your friends. I came to see if Eun-soo is alright :'). Mr. Queen's witty storyline and impressive performances by Shin Hye-sun and Kim Jung-hyun are working wonders for the drama as witnessed by … Full episodes can be found on KOCOWA Watch Full Episodes on the Web to watch on your phone? I see them in a lot of drama and she is perfect every time she cries I cry, she manages to transmit emotions so easily, My Golden Life allowed me to discover this wonderful actress full of talent! Jolie Jan 07 2019 7:18 am Congratulations !! She's my new favourite actress! “Mr. Also she is so beautiful, I don't understand how people can call her ugly. Deaaabaaaak . And this is from an American of Scotch/Irish descent! Though she wasn't in the lead role but I liked her acting. Excellent performance in my golden life. Shin Hye Sun also immerses herself completely in her role, nearly tripping to grab a book and coughing from drinking too eagerly. Wish you the best! i hope you could visit our country someday. But when I say her in Stranger I so surprised at her acting that I am going to watch My Golden Life for her. Hye sun ah, I hope ur success in the future.ur acting is thetop notch one.. love u, japag Aug 01 2016 7:22 am //